Providing bespoke luxury travel solutions for its client base of over 15,000 customers has been INTOSOL’s core business since its foundation. The Company holds over 3,500 hotel and agency contracts in luxury destinations worldwide and is focussed on growing this portfolio and its client base. INTOSOL has a team of highly knowledgeable travel consultants who utilise the Company’s own technology, VIRTOSOL, to design luxury trips in a range of global destinations.


Launched in 2011, the VIRTOSOL proprietary software provides a unique offering for INTOSOL clients. It allows the customer to preview their holiday through a step-by-step interactive video. Behind the software lies more than five years of development and extensive text and photo content. VIRTOSOL has created a jump in revenue and proven to be a very powerful USP. For example, a travel designer takes half a day to create an itinerary, whereas VIRTOSOL takes 45 minutes.