About us

INTOSOL is an award winning, luxury travel company providing bespoke travel solutions globally. The Company has a team of highly knowledgeable travel consultants who utilise INTOSOL’S own technology, VIRTOSOL, to design luxury trips in a range of global destinations. As well as this, the Company manages boutique luxury hotels and villas through its SOUL Private Collection. These have the potential to contribute a larger operating profit margin to the business. The Company is now entering the real estate market through the acquisition of its own luxury assets. This will see INTOSOL taking the value chain into its own hands in the long term, as well as facilitating cross selling opportunities.


  • Recognised track record having been established in 2002
  • Database with over 15,000 clients which is growing by c.1,000 new customers per year
  • Regular customers make up around 45% of annual revenue
  • 95% customer satisfaction as per Trustpilot
  • Over 50 employees spread across three countries
  • Over 3,500 hotel and agency contracts worldwide
  • SOUL Private Collection manages and owns boutique hotels and properties
  • VIRTOSOL – unique proprietary software enriching the client experience